Ncp Cars Showroom In Pakistan Contacts in 2023


Ncp Cars Showroom In Pakistan Contacts in 2023

Before sharing contact numbers of NCP vehicle showrooms must read the necessary information about non-customs, this will save you from any possible damage.  They do not have documents due to which their taxes cannot be paid

Driving any non-custom vehicle is allowed only in some areas of Balochistan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan. If we talk about the reason for this, it will become a separate discussion.  If your vehicle has an accident, is damaged, or you get a vehicle at a government auction, you can use these non-custom vehicle parts to restore them to original condition, but do not use those parts.  Can which the law does not allow such as chassis etc

Non-custom. Vehicle accessories that you can reuse in your vehicle include parts, doors, seats, dashboard, lights, air conditioning, accessories, or electronics.

Please note that these contact numbers are not being given to buy a vehicle over the phone or to order goods over the phone or to make any kind of transaction. They are being given only to get information.  And there won't be a website

Chaman Border city Chowrooms names and Contact Numbers

1- Ajab Khan Motors near eton Public school collage Road Chaman

abdul Jabar Khan #03013695736

asghar Khan #03138370017

2-new swat Motors bypass rod chaman 

sirajudeen khan #03137755055

3-new kakar Motors pasheen 

Mohammad Nawaz Khan Kakar #03055294407

4-insaaf Motors Basheer ada Kuchlak 

Mohammad Nabi Kakar #03152679092

5-HKK Motors Basheer ada Kuchlaak

m naseem khan #03013236821

6- Haji kamal khan motors collage road chaman

Bisharat khan #03128239335

7- Bro Motors bypass Road Chaman 

Hikmat Khan #03148141030

8- Star Motors Basheer ada kuchlaak

asmatullah khan #03313692427

9- shaheen Motors Basheer bus ada kuchlaak

braat khan #03003890875

10- Bilal Motors fazal kareem Market qila abdullah 

qadeem #03123302998043

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